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Support Telephone Technical Support (Page at present in English only)

Tech-support incidents fall into four categories: Installation/Configuration support, End-User, Developer and Professional Services Support

          Installation/Configuration Having problems installing dBASE? Our tech support engineers will help you get up and running with any products sold through Systems Engineering.

          No Charge


          End-User Support Having difficulty using dBASE or finding a feature you need? Need help using the dBASE design tools, dQuery, DEO, the Web Wizards or deploying applications? Our engineers will walk you through the process, find your feature, guide you through the rich collection of tools in dBASE.



          Developer Support Having problems running your application across the network or the Web? Need to push the envelope, and can't figure out how to accomplish that very special task? Call our expert Tech Support engineers for assistance.



          Professional Services Can't get your code working? Need to convert a DOS application to Windows? Need serious help building, deploying or debugging applications? Both Systems Engineering and dBI Professional Services Organization can provide expert on-site or remote subcontract services at reasonable hourly rates. Please contact Systems Engineering or dBI Inc. Tech Support for a quotation. How To Get Technical Support

To request assistance via telephone (all Customers) , call the dBASE Call Center at  001-607-729-0960 or


To request assistance via telephone (Systems Engineering Customers) , call the support at:

    0044-(0)1305-832 556 or

    0049-(0)9209-918 0019(free transfer to UK)

The U.S. call center is open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM eastern time USA.

All Tech Support incidents are handled on a callback or mailback basis.

You may be able to save yourself expense and time by taking advantage of the dBASE KnowledgeBase. We find that most technical support problems are the result of learning issues rather than technical issues. We suggest that you search the dBASE KnowledgeBase to see if any of the available messages, articles, tutorials, etc. applies to your specific issue before contacting the dBASE Call Center.

What Products Do We Support?

Supported Products

The following products are supported by dBASE Technical Support.

     dBASE™ PLUS 11

     dbDOS™ PRO 5+N

     dBASE™ CLASSIC Bundle


     dbfExport 2™





We suggest that you check out the Fixes and New Features in dBASE.

Unsupported Products

The following products are not supported by dBASE Technical Support:



     dBASE™ III+     

     dBASE™ IV

     dBASE™ 5.0 for DOS

     dBASE™ 5.x for Windows

     Visual dBASE™ 5.x

     Visual dBASE™ 7.5

     dBASE™ 2K

     Personal dBASE™

     dBASE™ PLUS 2.6

     dBASE™ PLUS 2.7

     dBASE™ PLUS 2.8

     dBASE™ PLUS 8

     dBASE™ PLUS 9

     dBASE™ PLUS 10

     dbDOS™ 1.x

     dbDOS™ 2.x

     dbDOS™ PRO 3

     dbDOS™ PRO 4     

     dbDOS™ PRO 4N

If you need information on upgrading to current versions, please contact us at 0044-(0)1305-832 556 or 0049-(0)9209-918 0017 (automatic free transfer to UK) for Pre-Sales Support. As a convenience to current users of these DOS products, dBI Inc. provides a peer support newsgroup where you can obtain assistance from your fellow developers.